Panoramic lifts are particular vertical mobility systems, distinguished by some specific peculiarities. Although with the due need for synthesis, these are lifting systems characterized by the presence of at least one or more glass walls (with the aim of allowing the view from the outside of the system itself), and are frequently placed inside a glass compartment, to protect the lift.

Panoramic lifts are a great way to take in all the beauty of the surrounding landscape. There are many different types of panoramic lifts available on the market, but it can be difficult to choose one that is right for your needs. These are some factors to consider when choosing a panoramic lift.

How to choose a best panoramic lift

  • How much weight can it carry?
  • How high does it go?
  • What is the cost?
  • What kind of view does it offer?
  • Is there any maintenance required for this type of lift?

Safety in the best panoramic lift

 The panoramic feature, as can be guessed, does not overshadow the importance of having a system with excellent substance and safety characteristics. In fact, the panoramic ascension systems are made with suitable steel structures that act as a “skeleton” for the entire unit. In addition, the lift shaft cladding will be made with a shatterproof glass of varying thickness: a double guarantee of solidity, for completely peaceful use of the system.

The cabin of the best panoramic lift

 In a panoramic lift, the element of greatest aesthetic value is certainly given by the presence of a cabin that has at least one glass side (more frequently, at least three), which makes the use of the lift more exciting and unforgettable. In fact, those who are inside the cabin will be able to enjoy the external view with safety and … comfort: especially if positioned outside a building, the panoramic ascension system is characterized by resistance to water and frost, bad weather, and the most “challenging” temperatures.